The geek world lost today one of its most iconic supporting actors, Bill paxton.

Bill Paxton passed away, at the age of 61, due to complications after  heart surgery.

Though not a household name with regular audiences, but geeks and nerds of the movie industry know exactly where to place his talents, of which he had plenty. For the regular joe he might have been “yeah I’ve seen him in movies before”, but for us he is right up there with every big name you can come up with.

From Weird Science over Aliens, Near Dark to Predator 2, Bill Paxton is undoubtfully among the greatest losses to the geek culture and general movie goers, together with Carrie Fischer and Alan Rickman in recent history.

He was to John Carpenter what Bruce Cambpell is to Sam Raimi. Well, they havn’t been in school together like the latter film duo, but if there was an essential role in a movie (doesn’t matter how small it was), and it needed that special flavor, Bill Paxton was Camerons man to go to. They shared 36 years of  a unique professional and personal relationship.

If in the role of a sleazy used car salesman in “True Lies”, the braggartly Hudson in “Aliens” or in one of the most memorable cameos in movie history in “The Terminator”.

James Cameron on the sudden death of Paxton ” The world is a lesser place fo his passing”.



If you ask me, it was him and him alone who might have saved Agents of Shield for me. It can’t be a coincidence, that after 13 really bad episodes, a new character gets introduced and the show kicks off to a completely new level. He must at least inspired a lot of bored show writers to do better than they did for half a season.

It’s game over people, game over for us. Last goodbeyes to the only man who got killed by an Alien, a Terminator and a Predator.


– Thor Sheraga




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