Fox turned the “Legion theory” into a show in reality.

If there was a list of Marvel characters, of which are the least likely to appear on the screen, Legion would be probably right on top of that list. Not to mention getting a show his own .

Now admittetly, a lot is different from the comics. A whole lot. Which is understandable. Bringing in storylines from the comics he appeared in, would go beyond the scope and the budget of this show, and it wouldn’t give the character time to develop a personality of his own. Or in David Haller’s (Legion) case ” multiple personalities”.

In this incarnation, David Haller suffers from a very young age from schizoaffective disorder. Finding himself as an adult in a mental institution he falls in love with another inmate called Syd Barrett. On the day Syd gets released from the facility, something happens with David which triggers a whole cascade of madness which makes him doubt reality alltogether, even more then before. His world has transformed into a blur between the living and the dead, strange powers and secret government agencies trying to control him.

Legion doesn’t present itself like any superhero show that you might have seen already. And that’s what’s so brilliant about  it. (Or at least the pilot).  Legion isn’t a superhero. In the comics he certainly tries to be one, but mostly fails due to the flaws in his own, as well as to those of his other personalities.

The show achieves to show the dilemma of having vast amount of powers buried in a fragile mind, which sets the tone for the rest of the show. Of course there is going to be action scenes in the future of this show,  beautifully executed at the end of this episode. But a character like Legion is giving TV shows the opportunity to grow beyond genre boundaries, and experiment with different aspects of the comic book lore.

The step to the small screen is the best thing Fox could have done with this. As well as collaborating with Marvels TV division. Showrunner Noah Hawley, who did a great job with “Fargo”, is also the man behind Legion, might have had the inside that the X-men are better suited in a TV setting.                                                                                                                            This is where the X-men can shine, by taking its time to develop the individual characters and have them working as a team or in occasional on off episodes. The upcoming feature film “Logan” is a welcome and very well needed bonus to the lore, but the main focus should be on the TV shows.


– Thor Sheraga


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